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Chain O' Lakes Area Vacation Rental Advertising Prices

All Rental Listings include the ability to make your own changes.  This includes Uploading and change pictures, changing rental description/summary, rental address, calendar, map and website links and much more...

1st Rental Listing - $120 / year - Includes Physical Address, Telephone, Email, Brief Description, Map Link, Website Link, Rental Calendar, up to 9 pictures and much more.  *Multiple Rental Listings are at a discounted rate.

Other Options:
Rental Listing with Web Site Hosting: $220 / year - Same as the rental listings above, and you get your own website:
http://www.upnorthlife.com/yourrentalname or http://www.torchlake.com/yourrentalname)

Rental Listing with Web Site Hosting with Domain Name: $340 / year - Physical Address, Telephone, Email, Brief Description, Link to Web page on your own Domain Name Hosted on our server. ($15 per year Domain Registration fee Applies)
(Example: http://www.yourrentalname.com)

Web Site Creation - $70 - We will create a 1-page website for your rental property.
Other Webpage Creation Options

ON/SITE Digital Photography $35.00 / Hour - We will come to your location to take photos for your website.

If Interested in this service, please Fill out the form below: 

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* All Rentals Listings are none refundable. 

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